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WoW Guide Review: Cataclysm Guide From Killer Guides

As I’ve noticed way too much lately, many of the guides coming out online are really just a big bunch of hooey.  I hate that there are too many people trying to make a buck off us gamers that assume we won’t get mad when a crappy guide hits us and takes our cash.  You can see that I’m not one of those people that is trying to make some cash off of you – or I wouldn’t have given Killer Guides’ newest FFXIV guide a bad rating.  Of course, the majority of Killer Guides’ gaming guides are excellent and I am a firm lover of their WoW guides.  So, when I saw that they are offering a new Catacylsm guide a couple of months before the expansion hits, I had to check it out.  Here is my review of the new Unofficial WoW Cataclysm Guide from Killer Guides:
First Impression:
Alright, so I download the guide and take a look.  First of all, you get two different versions, a prettied up one, and a printer friendly one – super.  I hate trying to print out a guide that is full of crap that bogs my printer down.  Second, I see that the printer friendly guide has a whopping 71 pages of content already – a very good sign that someone actually put some time into this guide.  Let’s get into the meat of it to see what’s up with the information in here.
Being a professional writer, I really hate it when a gaming guide is written badly.  By badly, I mean one of two things: either it’s written by a stuck up gamer who feels that they know it all and use terms that even other stuck up gamers can’t understand, or the writing is just horrible and you can hardly bear to read the damn thing.  That’s not the case with this Cataclysm guide from Killer Guides.  The author of this guide did an excellent job bringing the game to life in the guide.  I’m impressed as this is probably one of the best written guides that Killer Guides has in it’s WoW collection so far.
The first 8 pages of the guide go through some of the background behind Cataclysm, why Blizzard did it this way, and some other basic information that you’ll want to know about before the expansion hits.  Awesome info here, don’t pass it by.
The next 10 pages go through all of the massive changes that will affect every WoW gamer in Cataclysm.  Even I didn’t know some of these things, and it goes through everything in pretty good detail.  You’ll find out about the changes to gear, changes to talent trees, and more – although not on a class by class basis – just an overview.
From there, the next 5 pages go through the different classes, their perks, starting points, and information about both the Goblins and the Worgen that will be introduced with Cataclysm.
And now, this is the part that most of us WoWheads will want to know – what will change with my favorite class and what new spells/abilitites/attirbutes/etc can I look forward to?  Pages 25 through 57 go through each class in depth to show you what you can look forward to changing on your favorite classes, including new spells and other things that you will have to know about to be prepared for the upcoming changes with them.  This is excellent information and more in depth than I’ve seen anywhere else so far.
Now, we come to the changes in the areas of the game itself.  As many people have probably already heard, there are no new continents with this expansion, instead, there are major changes coming to the Old World in WoW for Cataclysm.  Pages 58 through 67 go through the changes to the different areas (especially the Barrens – make sure you read this part) as well as what new areas will open up with Cataclysm.  This is superb information, and the writer even put in sections in each area for where to make the best money with these changes and the best ways to level up in new places.
The last few pages of the guide are incomplete right now – but will go through the different quests that will be available when Cataclysm hits as well as new raids and dungeons and changes to old ones.  I personally cannot wait to see the update of this guide, and I’m hoping that it’s every bit as good as the first part of the guide.
Now, right now through October 21, 2010, Killer Guides is running a special so you can get their Cataclysm guide for only $19.99.  Superb deal here guys, as when there are updates to the Cataclysm guide, you’ll get them for free.  So, as far as price goes, you can’t beat it right now.
Overall View:
When it comes to the Cataclysm Guide from Killer Guides, I was pretty impressed at what is there so far.  I’m happy with the information inside it, I’m impressed by the writing, and just the amount of information that is already in it makes it well worth grabbing up.  Killer Guides brings yet another superb guide to the WoW Table, and if you haven’t thought about buying one yet, I would recommend that you snatch this one up while there is a special deal going on.  Don’t forget that it will be more expensive the closer it gets to Cataclysm, and if you get it now, you’ll have access to all of the updates from here on out.

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