Posted by MD Weems on March 17, 2009

Red Light Center – Your Online Destination for Adult MMO Fun

redlightlogoWhen it comes to adult MMO games, well, there just aren’t that many out there that are even worth mentioning. But, have no fear – there is one that does shine, Red Light Center. This awesomely done free adult MMO game is one that offers you just about anything that you could possibly want to do in either an MMO game or a porn fantasy. Without leaving the comforts of your own home, you too can enjoy this sweetly done adult MMO game. Want to know what all you’re in for before you take the time to register and download the client? Hey, no problem! I’ve got all you need – and want – to know about the game itself.

So, you head over to the main site for the Red Light Center adult MMO game, and you register your information to create an account. You get a virtual walk-through of this adult MMO game and how it works, how to download and use the client, even how to decorate your Zaby (your personal apartment for your toon). The client download doesn’t take long at all – normally less than the time it takes to download the latest WoW patch, and you’re ready to log in and start your adult MMO gaming.

Once you have everything set up and downloaded, you enter the game and create your alter ego that will be your toon in the game. There are so many different combinations of characters here in this adult MMO game that you can choose from in both the men’s and women’s area – so you are sure to be able to create a unique toon that will be all you. This part of the game itself actually took me almost 30 minutes to create and get it just how I wanted it! I was amazed at the different looks and styles that you can create with just one small click – hell, you can even customize your toon’s underwear… that’s pretty freakin’ detailed to me.

red-light-center-ss-1Next, you head into the main area of the game. Here, you seem to be in a small entry way area that offers you seven different areas of the game to choose from. You can go to the normal area where there are clubs, bars, and more places for you to meet and mingle, dance and drink, strip and cuddle. You can head to one of the two areas that cater to those that are looking for M4M or W4W action, or you can head to the web cam area where you can watch thousands of different web cams at any time of the night or day. There is also the main area of the game, that allows you access to just about everything that you can think of in an adult MMO game, including everyone’s favorite – the orgy room.

I checked out several of these different areas – some out of curiosity, and some just to see how far this adult MMO game would go. Let me tell you, I was amazed and not disappointed in the least. While the characters can sometimes have some issues with pixels, this is rare and I only had it happen to me once or twice during my adult MMO time. There are so many different things to do in this game that I seriously doubt anyone could get bored. From strip clubs to bondage rooms, drinking and drugs to orgies, just about anything that you can do in real life, you can do here in this adult MMO game. While I’m not a big drinker and I don’t do any type of drugs at all, it was really funny to get my toon screwed up on shrooms and watch how the screen views changed all around to accommodate it. I laughed my ass off when I started walking into stuff and all that after I had my toon drink a bunch of stuff on top of the shrooms.

This is really one adult MMO game that you need to try out to believe all of the things that you can do here. I mean, I was amazed at the quality of the graphics in the areas of the game, how easily the downloads are and how easy it is to get used to the controls and how to play the game in general. While you can play this as a free adult MMO, you do have to pay $20 USD a month to be able to have sex with other toons in the game and to enter certain areas of this adult MMO game itself. So, if you want to give something new a try, you can jump over to the Red Light Center’s home page and see for yourself what’s up and what all you can do here. You won’t be sorry you did.

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